To register for program, click on the 8 digit program code. If students do not have clubs, clubs will be provided for use during class time. Instructors for all programs are PGA certified.

Winter Classes

[Ages 5-7]

Almost all great golfers started playing at an early age. There is no better time that now to get our youngster swinging the club. Your child will have fun learning the basics of the game including putting,, chipping, pitching and full swing using “Starting New at Golf” SNAG equipment. - Min/Max 4/8

West Ridge Center

Jan 10-31
11151001 Tue 5:30-6:20pm $65/75

Feb 7-28
11151002 Tue 5:30-6:20pm $65/75

[Ages 8 & 17]

Aspiring young golfers can fine tune their stance, posture and grip during the swing this winter and be ready for an improved game next season . Min/Max 4/8

Golf Dome

Jan 5-26
11152001 Thu 4:30-5:20pm $90/110

Feb 2-23
11152002 Thu 4:30-5:20pm $90/110

[Ages 18 & up]

If you get frustrated with your game…this is for you. The majority of swing errors are caused by weak fundamentals. Byretooling your mastery of the fundamentals - you can improve your contact with the ball and have better success with your game. Min/Max 4/8

Golf Dome

Jan 4-25
11153001 Wed noon-12:50pm $90/110

Jan 5-26
11153002 Thu 5:30-6:20pm $90/110

Feb 2-23
11153003 Thu 5:30-6:20pm $90/110

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